Tulsa Pop Kids Inc. was created to provide support within the community to promote literacy programs for children through pop culture and entertainment. Tulsa Pop Kids Inc. uses a variety of resources to further our mission- from donations of comic books to volunteers who dress up in cosplay to visit children in hospitals and elementary schools as well as local events that partner with other organizations in the community.



About Tulsa Pop Kids


Tulsa Pop Kids Inc. was founded in 2017. We began as a small group of like-minded individuals who shared a love of pop culture and comic books. Many of the founding members began their interest in reading through the joy of comic book stories and superheroes. We understand the impact that comics can have on a child- not only through sparking a love for storytelling and words but also providing positive role models for children who might not have that influence otherwise. A comic can change the course of a child’s life and put them on a path of creativity and learning.

Over the last year, Tulsa Pop Kids Inc. has passed out over 6,000 comics to children at elementary schools, hospitals, movie events, parades and much more. Through the help of our generous donors, we have been able to share our love of pop culture to our community around us.

Tulsa Pop Kids Inc. also provides a platform for others within the community to come together on a regular basis and form lasting friendships. We also are working to build impactful partnerships with other nonprofits in the community such as OKPop and Big Brothers Big Sisters to expand our reach.

Through our annual pop culture outreach, Tulsa Pop Culture Expo, we have been able to impact kids in Tulsa by connecting them with our celebrity guests.

Barry Kitson- world renown comic book writer for DC. Currently working on Green Lantern series visited multiple groups of students at Tulsa Tech for an all School assembly and training.

Tom Waite- Tulsa’s own Actor/stuntman spent time with Drama students at ORU teaching them the details of being hired at a high level, then spent time at Union 6/7th grade center going over the Pillars of character for those students at an all school assembly.


Tulsa Pop Kids Inc. visits the Saint Francis Children’s Hospital on a regular monthly basis to hand out comic books and visit with the children dressed as comic book characters and pop culture icons such as princesses and movie characters. During our annual fundraising convention, we held a comic book drawing contest for the children at the hospital where they drew images of their favorite superheroes. The winning artwork was featured on our volunteer t-shirt and all submissions were incorporated to the design as well as displayed at the convention for guests to enjoy. Long term, our goals with the Children’s Hospital Visit program include obtaining additional character costumes for our volunteers.

Tulsa Pop Kids Inc. host regular movie premiere events throughout the year. The movies serve multiple purposes- firstly they provide a community for youth and adults; secondly they provide an opportunity to incorporate other organizations into our mission. The premieres also allow us to encourage attendees to bring comic books for donations to the organization. Each comic book that is brought at each movie event is an entry into a drawing for a prize. For one movie premiere, Tulsa Pop Kids provided an entire theater for Big Brothers Big Sisters to enjoy. Our long-term goal with the movie premiere program is to provide more opportunities for underprivileged children to enjoy the premiere events.

A new 2018 program we are beginning to develop are collaborative comic book clubs with schools in the Tulsa area. These clubs would meet regularly and would be hosted by core members of Tulsa Pop Kids Inc. with specific curriculum developed by Tulsa Pop Kids Inc. to cover a variety of topics from artistry, story telling, filmmaking and much more.

When we bring in talent for the annual convention, we like to connect as many Tulsans with the talent, inspiring them to go to live out their dreams just as they have.


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